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Based in Madrid, but born in Porto in 1981. I've studied a Fine Arts Degree, specialized in Painting and Plastic Arts. Lived in Austria, where I had an amazing Photography Course, then proceeded with a master degree Museum and Exhibition Management in Madrid. 

I'm fascinated by nature and figurative drawing. I built my drawings with fine lines and I choose to work mainly with black and red color range.


An artist’s stroke is the purest form of creation, although it is simple, in theory, a single line that meanders across a paper, can convey powerful emotions. 
The line, crucial in the drawing and creative process, is often unnoticed or hidden from our perception, in the final result of the works.
I just want to emphasize the line, through the deconstruction of the form, to reach its most basic and essential element, appearing by repetition and constancy.

I always carry a sketchbook during my walks or travels, some pencils and wax pastels. I try to draw images as I think them, not as I see them, often leading me to the absurd, creating a confrontation between the logical and the irrational.

My online diary featuring drawings can be followed on my Instagram account @bel_allegro or Facebook account @belaallegro



"INSIDE" is now part of the Aldebarán Collection. Sooo happy!

Librarte 2022  Isabel Allegro.JPG

Honorable Mention Award at the Librarte Fair 2022 Collective Exhibition at Monasterio de San Juan - Burgos

Isabel Allegro Galeria Echale Guindas Expo Colectiva.jpg

Collective Exhibition at  Échale Guindas Gallery in Madrid. 

Article in Primitivo Magazine - Colombia 

Isabel Allegro Revista Primitivo 2022.jpg

I like to take lines for a walk__________


For any kind of inquiries don't hesitate to get in touch.

Mobile: +34 608 129 615


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